Section 809 Panel Industry Day

  • 2/13/2019 9:00 AM - 3:20 PM
  • Covington
    850 10th Street, NW
    Washington,  DC  20001
    Tel: (202) 662-6000
  • Event Type : Conference
    Event Code : 999A


This unique opportunity will allow you to hear from expert panel members on the acquisition recommendations provided in the recently released Section 809 Panel Volume 3 Report.

Hear from experts on the following 809 Panel acquisition recommendations:

  • The Marketplace Framework and OTAs - learn more about this revolutionary approach that divides what DoD buys into three categories: readily available, readily available with customization, and defense-unique. These simplified procedures and processes facilitate acquiring the most up-to-date products and services in the least amount of time possible from the open, accessible marketplace.
  • Portfolio Management Framework, Security Clearances and Information Technology - hear recommendations that embrace capability portfolio management at the enterprise and execution levels, removing stovepipes and empowering working-level decision makers from requirements generation through the sustainment of major programs. Volumes 1 and 3 modernize the acquisition of information technology with new governance structures for defense business systems, a new contract type for consumption-based solutions, exemption for DoD from the outdated Clinger-Cohen Act, and the ability to contract directly with independent IT consultants.
  • Budget Priorities and Recommendations - speakers will discuss recommendations to remove inefficiencies and dysfunctions in DoD’s budgeting formulation and appropriations process.  Together, these changes will empower DoD managers to reallocate resources between programs as needed, flow down decision authority to the lowest possible levels, eliminate or mitigate some of the perverse incentives that exist in fiscal law, and mitigate the harmful effects of late funding on DoD acquisition programs.
  • Acquisition Workforce - hear suggestions for improving the hiring, training, and retaining of the acquisition workforce. Volume 2 advocates for making permanent the Civilian Acquisition Workforce Personnel Demonstration Project (AcqDemo), improving resourcing and management of the Defense Acquisition Workforce Development Fund, and streamlining hiring authorities to better support the workforce.  Volume 3 recommends changes in three key areas of career development: qualifications as opposed to certifications, career paths for all acquisition career fields with a competency model for the entire workforce, and public–private exchange programs (PPEPs).
  • Communications, Continuous Acquisition Improvement - this panel will make recommendations for removing barriers that inhibit effective relationships between DoD and industry and chart a path toward a culture of permanent, ongoing acquisition improvement rather than cyclical reform efforts that happen once per generation. Recommendations will produce efficiencies in the bid protest process, flowdown of clauses to subcontractors, auditing and accounting processes, compliance with socioeconomic policy objectives, and communication with industry from market research through contract close-out.  


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