Precision Strike Technology Symposium (PSTS-18)

Precision Strike
  • 10/23/2018 - 10/25/2018
  • The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
    11100 Johns Hopkins Road
    Laurel,  MD 
  • Theme : Sharpening America's Competitive Edge with High Speed Precision Engagement
    Event Type : Symposium
    Event Code : 9PST


Are you an inspirational leader who is ready to participate in PSTS-18?  As DoD faces the realities of a changing world and focuses its attention to its major competitors China and Russia, the precision strike community must address enhanced lethality and modernization of key precision engagement capabilities for urgent execution of the National Defense Strategy. The theme Sharpening America’s Competitive Edge with High Speed Precision Engagement demands serious and immediate technological innovation.  PSTS-18 will allow the precision strike community the opportunity to pursue many new challenges and concerns by showcasing focus areas related to:

• Meet Major Threats & Gaps with Technologies for High-Speed Precision Engagement 
• Regain Overmatch with Enhanced Lethality
• Deliver New Capabilities at the Speed of Technology
• Services’ Policy and Posture and Modernization Priorities to meet the Threat
• Multi-Domain Operations / Over-the-Horizon Targeting 
• Insights into the Kill Chain
• U.S. Hypersonics Landscape—Contested Environment Operations and Challenges 
• Artificial Intelligence on the Edge—Implications for Precision Strike
• Strategic Readiness/Nuclear Deterrence
• Strategic Programs Technical Achievements and Challenges Session
• The Arctic Strategy

In addition to the above focus areas, keynote and featured speakers from OSD, the Joint Staff, the Services, Intelligence Community, USSTRATCOM, USSOCOM, AFSOC, PEOs, DARPA, DTRA, AFRL, AMRDEC, ACC, JHU/APL, National Labs, and Industry will address numerous riveting topics during this important and engaging three-day classified symposium including:

 ~ Tactical Threat Challenges—China and Russia; Integrated Allied Capabilities Enabled through Technology; Rapid and Urgent Acquisition; DARPA Adaptive Capabilities; Enhanced Precision Strike Capabilities to Support the Warfighter; The Need for Speed; F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program Update; Autonomous Weapon Systems Panel—Sensing & Dissemination; SOF Precision Strike Effects & Digitally Aided CAS in the Battlefield; Hypersonic Programs—HAWC, HCSW & ARRW; Government-Industry Panel—Industry’s Role in “Speed to the Warfighter,” Conventional Prompt Strike for the Future Fight; Services’ Labs—Emerging Technologies Session; Speedy Defeat of Relocatable WMD Targets; Advantages of High Capacity Precision Weapons Carriage on Bomber; and, Steadfast Protector. ~


Kimberly Williams
(703) 247-2578