Call for Abstract Presentations

Submittal Deadline has been extended to: Wednesday, January 11, 2017.

Call for Abstracts:

Some of the general areas being considered for sessions within the Expo are as follows:

*     Power Sources

      o Batteries

            - Vehicle

            - Aviation

            - Communications-Electronics

            - Manportable

            - Testing, Quality & Safety

      o Fuel Cells

      o Generators

      o Non- Traditional Energy Sources

            - Bio Fuels

            - High power capacitors

            - Renewable/Green Technologies

            - Solar

            - Wind

            - Emerging Technologies

 *     Applications

       o Special Operations/Clandestine Applications (unclassified)

      o Expeditionary Base Operations

      o On-board vehicle power systems

      o Unmanned Applications

      o Facility Power

 *     Associated Equipment

       o Smart Grids/Microgrids

             - Tactical

            - Large Scale

       o Battery chargers and Power Supplies

             - Wireless Charging

            - Energy Harvesting

            - Existing technology and/or State-of-the-Art

       o Tools for reducing energy consumption

             - Power Management

            - Battery Management

            - State of charge/health technologies

 *     Manufacturing Innovations for Power Sources

 *     Personnel Experiences - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Abstract Submittal Deadline has been extended : Wednesday, January 11, 2017.

Abstracts must be submitted on-line:

It should be noted that a final paper is not required.  Only the presentations will be published.

 All agenda & speaking inquiries, (including any/all general questions regarding the abstract approval, review and selection process, etc.) may be addressed to the attention of the JSPE Steering Committee at e-mail: