16th U.S.-Sweden Defense Industry Conference

  • 5/10/2017
  • House of Sweden
    2900 K Street, NW
    Washington,  DC  20007
  • Theme : Advancing Cooperation in Uncertain Times
    Event Type : Conference
    Event Code : 747S


Mark your calendar for the 16th U.S.-Sweden Defense Industry Conference taking place May 10, 2017!


U.S. and Swedish defense establishments and their defense companies have a history of sharing defense technology that dates back to the mid-1950’s and continues today. Both sides prospered from their past and ongoing business relationships. The future should be no different.

It is no surprise their cooperation peaked during the 1980s Cold War period; the subsequent erosion of that cooperation was an unintended by-product of nations acclimating to an alien post-Cold War security environment. Defense budgets declined; capitals redirected their national security attention and resources were reallocated. 

Sweden became an active participant in NATO’s Partnership for Peace; it deployed forces to Afghanistan, Libya, and to counter piracy operations.  Some nations adapted by increasing their defense budgets, others increased cooperation in science, technology, development, production and support. The reemergence of European security on the political agenda has meant that the U.S. and Europe rediscovered the utility of addressing emerging threats through collective military and industrial activity.  

About The Event

This defense industry conference focuses on, and seeks to exploit, the natural synergy between U.S. and Swedish companies and their governments. The U.S. and Sweden rank among the top countries in terms of their commitment to R&D, forming a firm foundation for defense system cooperation. Sweden ranks fifth globally in terms of its R&D investment as a percentage of GDP, while the U.S. ranks first in terms of the magnitude of its gross domestic expenditures on R&D. Both their defense establishments value R&D as the main source of innovation that will fuel development and production of next generation defense systems. Their defense industries rightfully value R&D as the primary driver of product development and future revenues. Though U.S. and Swedish companies reached their current states of excellence through different creative paths, both are highly respected at home and in the global marketplace.

An array of senior government officials and industry executives will share their thoughts about national priorities and measures being taken in support of them. They will also speak about the current and evolving climate for and direction of defense cooperation, touching on development and production programs, export control, science and technology programs, and innovation as it factors into defense strategy. Several medium and small U.S. and Swedish companies will share their experiences working with one another.

While there have been major successes in recent decades, all players can and must do better in this period of increased threats, fiscal austerity, and competing demands. Industry and government attendees will benefit from engaging with the best minds in the U.S. and Swedish defense communities as they explore current needs and exchange views about how industry can satisfy those needs through enhanced cooperation.




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