Microelectronics Manufacturing Models

Joint Workshop Manufacturing
  • 10/30/2017 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM
  • The Potomac Institute for Policy Studies
    901 N. Stuart Street, Suite 200
    Arlington,  Virginia  22203
    Tel: 703-525-0770
  • Theme : Low-Volume, High-Mix Manufacturing Models
    Event Type : Workshop
    Event Code : N/A


Low-Volume, High-Mix Manufacturing Models - a Joint Workshop

This workshop is supported by the NDIA Trusted Microelectronics Joint Working Group, which recently published a number of papers on trusted microelectronics.  (more)

The business models of the commercial world and the Defense Department are fundamentally different in microelectronics. The commercial world dominates the industry with a focus on a small number of part types made in very high volumes. In contrast, the DOD requires a wide range of part types made in very low volumes. With the coming shift to a new post-scaling paradigm centered around hardware customization and heterogeneous integration, the opportunity arises to leverage and advance low-volume, high-mix fabrication models. This workshop explores the landscape of the low-volume, high-mix fabrication paradigm the defense industry uses, and how it might be improved and extended to address DOD’s future needs.

NDIA is pleased to join The Potomac Institute to host a full-day in-depth workshop with individual sessions featuring speakers leading discussion sessions focusing on related technical topics. This workshop is open to the public. Morning refreshments will be provided. Lunch will not be provided.

Download the full day agenda here.

To Register

To register please contact Chloe Hite at chite@potomacinstitute.org or 703-525-0770 and provide your name and affiliation.  You will be contacted with further information after you register.


Welcome and Introduction from Jeremy Muldavin, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense

Dr. Jeff Siddiqui
Reliability Group, Microelectronics Test Branch
Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA)

Dr. Martin A. Schmidt
Provost, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Charlie Adams
Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems

Dr. George Thompson
Institute for Defense Analysis

Dr. David Lam
Multibeam Corporation

Dr. Michael Fritze
Senior Fellow
Potomac Institute for Policy Studies

Because of speaker restrictions this workshop is closed to the press.