2016 Joint Undersea Warfare Technology Fall Conference

Undersea Warfare
  • 9/19/2016 - 9/21/2016
  • US Naval Submarine Base New London
    1 Crystal Lake Rd
    Groton,  CT  06340
    United States
    Tel: (860) 694-3011
  • Theme : The Evolving Undersea Force (2030-2070)
    Event Type : Conference
    Event Code : 6240


Pre-approval has been received and an email will be sent out when final SECNAV approval is granted. Select Navy organizations have been approved and authorized to register pending final approval.

Please contact NUWC POCs: Pamela.Lisiewicz@navy.mil, Carolyn.Finn@navy.mil before you register if you have not received authorization to register.

This annual conference concentrates on the Navy's key core competency mission of countering submarine and mine threats to the free and open flow of sea borne commerce and to the conduct of power projection from the sea.

All Navy platforms and elements of the Navy force structure are involved in undersea warfare: submarines, surface combatants, fixed and rotary wing aircraft, surveillance units, and the Navy's command and control infrastructure. The USW Division has five active Technical Committees which allows the UWD to properly focus on the navy's mission areas: Sensor Systems, Mine Warfare Systems, Undersea Vehicles (including weapons), Aviation, and C4I and Combat Systems, and Warfighter Performance. At this conference, attendees will:

  • Gain insight on the latest requirements and developments in undersea warfare; countering submarine and mine threats; and power projection from the se
  • Join professionals from the active duty Navy, key Navy Secretariat, the Pentagon, SYSCOM program offices, Navy & University labs, and the defense industrial base.

This conference is classified Secret U.S. Only. There are no exhibits at this event.

All attendees must be U.S. Citizens holding a secret or higher clearance. Please send a visit request via JPAS to SMO code NDIA16. Security POC: Ellen Vadney       

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2016 Joint Undersea Warfare Technology Fall Conference