Configuration and Data Management (CDM) Certification Program

The configuration and data management disciplines are critically important in the design, development, production, test, Integration and maintenance of complex products. These disciplines are vital and have many applications globally in both commercial and government applications. Most organizations recognize CDM processes as keystones in two of the most critical business requirements; managing risk and controlling cost. CDM is a “value added” essential part of business. Accordingly, a reliable means to identify and recognize well-qualified, experienced configuration and data management professionals is essential to establish professionalism in these disciplines. The NDIA Technical Information Division (TID) initiated CDM certification in 1990, and continues to be the CDM certification program most recognized and respected for its adherence to qualifying candidates according to high standards in terms of experience and knowledge. 


Certification Summary and Study Guide (PDF)

Recertification Plan (PDF)

The Certification Section of the TID Executive Board presents an intensive two-day preparation course designed to prepare individuals for the certification examination. It is available throughout the year and continues to be offered because many candidates have indicated their company or agency provide little effective training to assist CDM staff in achieving certification. Many CDM practitioners have little experience in the broad range of activities and processes of the discipline, thus the primary thrust of the course is to provide insight into functions and processes. The course includes and emphasizes industry and international CDM practices, and applicable guidance standards itemized in the study guide, as well as government acquisition policies and contracting processes. The course is conducted by NDIA Certified CDM Managers approved by the TID.

The course has a proven record of effectiveness, with an 80+% success rate for candidates completing the course, versus 52% for others. Virtually all who complete the course have endorsed its effectiveness in providing candidates a powerful edge in the examination.

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Configuration and Data Management (CDM) Certification Program