Industrial Committees

NDIA’s industrial committees offer opportunities for senior Defense Department representatives (agency heads, directors, program executive officers, etc.) and senior executives of NDIA corporate member companies to discuss key issues and challenges in a particular defense area. They meet periodically to exchange information, address challenges, review issues of common interest and concern, and collaborate to solve problems. Topics are mutually agreed between the industry chair and the senior government participant or representative.

The general objectives of an industrial committee are to:

  • Provide an ethical forum for discussion and exchange of views.
  • Discuss Office of the Secretary of Defense and service policies that affect relationships with suppliers.
  • Discuss emerging issues in government and industry that affect the readiness and capabilities of U.S. defense system producers.
  • Cooperate on various projects of mutual benefit to the participants.

Industrial committees differ from NDIA divisions in several ways.  They provide engagement with a specific program executive office or deputy assistant secretary of defense office on explicit areas or issues; they are limited to invited industry members and government contributors who are senior leaders or have made significant contributions to the subject area; they are oriented to deliver outputs that can be used by all participants; and they are led by industry.