Dr. Arun Seraphin to Lead NDIA's Emerging Technologies Institute


Dr. Arun Seraphin to Lead NDIA's Emerging Technologies Institute

His predecessor, Dr. Mark Lewis is set to move to the Purdue Applied Research Institute.

ARLINGTON, VA - The National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) announced today that Dr. Arun Seraphin has been selected to lead the NDIA's Emerging Technologies Institute as the new Executive Director. Seraphin joined the organization as deputy director in January 2022, and is an eminent leader in the scientific defense community. NDIA applauds the work of his predecessor, Dr. Mark Lewis who is set to begin an appointment as the chief executive officer of the Purdue Applied Research Institute, the nonprofit applied research arm of Purdue University. 

“I speak for all of NDIA when I say that we are excited for Dr. Seraphin's leadership to guide the future of ETI and we are committed to continuing the important work of advancing emerging technologies for our national defense," Michael Bayer, NDIA board chair said.  “Dr. Mark Lewis has been an invaluable leader of the NDIA ETI community, and we are incredibly grateful for his scientific expertise and tireless work in standing up the Emerging Technologies Institute.  We wish him all the best in his new role at the Purdue Applied Research Institute as he continues his commitment to national security.” 

“I am honored that I have been given the opportunity to continue Mark’s work and grow the Emerging Technologies Institute. We’ll continue to drive the dialogue between industry and government that ensures we develop and deploy the best new technologies and systems for our national defense. We thank Mark for his leadership in establishing ETI and launching numerous activities to help shape the defense technology conversation in Washington and beyond. Our team is focused on our forthcoming inaugural Emerging Technologies Conference in August, and delivering our reports, public broadcasts, and events in coordination with government partners and NDIA members,” Seraphin said.

"I am extremely proud of what our team at NDIA’s Emerging Technologies Institute was able to accomplish in a very short time,” said Lewis. “As I turn over the reins, I am confident that this was just the beginning of ETI’s potential, and it will continue to flourish under the guidance of my good friend and trusted colleague Dr. Arun Seraphin. I’m also not leaving completely and will look forward to continuing to work with NDIA and the ETI team in a senior advisory role.” 

Dr. Seraphin holds a Ph.D. in Electronic Materials from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he conducted research on silicon nanotechnology. Prior to his appointment as deputy director of the Emerging Technologies Institute in 2022, Dr. Seraphin worked as a Professional Staff Member on the staff of the United States Senate Committee on Armed Services, where he assisted Senators in their oversight of DOD policies and programs, particularly in science, technology, and acquisition policy. He also served at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy from 2010 to 2014, where he both led and served as the deputy director of the OSTP National Security and International Affairs division. He is also a member of the Congressionally- mandated Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) Commission looking at ways to reform the Pentagon’s budgeting process to support future defense needs.

About ETI  
NDIA’s Emerging Technology Institute was founded in 2021 to provide leadership, bolster public awareness, and create independent, reliable research about the technologies critical to our nation's economy and national defense. A champion for emerging technologies in its first two years of operations,  ETI produces numerous studies and monthly webinars including ETI’s Tech 101 series as well as the Emerging Tech Horizons podcast series on critical topics ranging from hypersonics to digital engineering to energetics. Looking ahead, ETI is part of a larger NDIA team working with Undersecretaries Heidi Shyu and William LaPlante on a major Emerging Technologies Conference to be held August 28th to the 30th in Washington, DC.

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