NDIA Releases Report on STEM Engagement with Minority-Serving Institutions

Strengthening STEM Engagement with Minority Serving Institutions National Defense Magazine Grades Army Modernization In Special Report

ARLINGTON, VA – NDIA on November 8 released a report that looks at the the barriers and incentives for strengthened collaboration between Minority Serving Institutions, the Department of Defense, and the defense industrial base.  


The report, “Strengthening STEM Engagement with Minority Serving Institutions: Increasing Collaboration Across the Department of Defense, Industry, and Academia,” is the outcome of a workshop held in May 2023 in collaboration with the Office of the Chief Scientist of the Air Force and NDIA’s Science & Engineering Technology Division.


“The Pentagon, defense industry, and Congress have all made efforts to strengthen the partnerships established between the national security community and Minority Serving Institutions. By supporting MSIs, the U.S.’ science and technology enterprise is expanding the pool of information, people, and infrastructure – all of which enhances our ability to develop new capabilities,” said NDIA’s Executive Director, Dr. Arun Seraphin. “This workshop report includes actionable recommendations that could be taken in the near term to increase engagement with these institutions.”


The report found that there is a need for the Defense Department and the DIB to bring coherence to activities already underway while building a joint strategy to shape future initiatives.


Recommendations include:

  • The DoD should use contract language that enables industry to more flexibly hire entry-level personnel and recent graduates; other include:
  • The defense industrial base should sponsor participation by faculty and students in appropriate technical conferences and scientific, technical and industry associations.
  • Defense firms should create a working group consisting of companies who want to partner more with minority-serving institutions.
  • The Defense Department should create a working group that consists of industry, government and academia representatives to continue discussing the identification and the elimination or alleviation of those barriers for STEM students enrolled at such institutions.

The report can be accessed here




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