ETI - New Report: Enabling the Joint Warfight: Challenges & Opportunities


ARLINGTON, VA – NDIA Emerging Technologies Institute (ETI) released a workshop report on November 29th, “Enabling the Joint Warfight: Challenges and Opportunities,” that outlines key capabilities and technology enablers for the Department of Defense’s Joint Warfighting Concept.

The report is the outcome of four workshops hosted by ETI between May and October 2022. All four events were moderated by the Honorable Alan Shaffer, former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition & Sustainment and ETI Distinguished Fellow.

The four webinars ETI held with technical and operational experts made it clear that the solutions to the operational problems the Joint Warfighting Concept articulates will require a joint DoD-industry effort. This report highlights the technological capabilities and other policy actions that will be essential to enhancing the ability to conduct future joint operations.

Recommendations include:

• The Department of Defense should publish an unclassified version of the Joint Warfighting Concept
• The Department of Defense should integrate space based assets from the defense agencies and intelligence community into decision-making networks for warfighters
• The Department of Defense should continue to push for the adoption of modular open-system architectures, digital materiel management, and digital engineering practices
• The Department of Defense should continue to invest in Modeling and Simulation (M&S) tools to support the development, integration, and transition of next generation solutions.

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