ETI’s Seraphin chosen for commission to examine defense PPBE

Arun Seraphin

ARLINGTON, VA -- Arun Seraphin, deputy director of NDIA’s Emerging Technologies Institute, is among defense experts appointed to the newly formed Commission on Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) Reform, the National Defense Industrial Association announces Feb 9. 

Seraphin is among 14 officials named to the high-level panel that will assess PPBE’s effectiveness within the Defense Department and consider more efficient alternatives plus policy changes to get those alternatives in place quickly. The goal is to enable U.S. defense to meet the growing challenges posed by near-peer competitor nations, such as China. 

Seraphin is the sole choice of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) who was tasked to pick one member of the commission. 

“A born and raised New Yorker from Long Island and Stony Brook graduate, Dr. Arun Seraphin is a long-acknowledged leader on national defense policy. His expertise will be vital to ensuring the Department of Defense processes are up to date and responsive enough to serve the needs of our nation's military and provide good stewardship of taxpayers resources,” Schumer said. “I am confident his experience will help the DoD usher in a modern era of American innovation and competitiveness.”

“NDIA is so proud to have Arun on this very important committee,” said President and CEO Hawk Carlisle. “His knowledge and wisdom on these critical matters is exactly what such a commission needs to make not just smart decisions but executable decisions to bolster our national security.” 

Seraphin recently joined ETI from the Senate Armed Services Committee, where among his many roles, he aided senators in oversight of the Defense Department’s policies and programs. He specialized in acquisition policy, Pentagon management, budget authorization and programs in science and technology, among others. 

The commission came about under a mandate in the National Defense Authorization Act and must submit its final report to congressional Armed Services Committees by Sept. 24, 2023. Also serving on the commission are Ellen Lord, former undersecretary of Defense for acquisition and sustainment, and David Norquist, former deputy secretary of Defense, among other notable appointments.

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