I/ITSEC 2022 Set to Feature the Defense Metaverse

I/ITSEC is the world's largest modeling, simulation, and training conference



World's Largest Simulation and Training Event, I/ITSEC 2022 Set to Feature the Defense Metaverse, Top U.S. Military Officials from November 28 – December 2

  • Organizers expect more than 16,000 attendees in Orlando, FL

  • Top U.S. officials have confirmed their attendance including Dr. Dimitri Kusnezov, Under Secretary of Homeland Security for Science and Technology

  • The event is set to feature live demonstrations of the rapidly-expanding military metaverse

Arlington, VA – The world's largest modeling, simulation and training conference is set to take place in Orlando, FL from November 28 – December 2, 2022 and is expected to attract more than 16,000 attendees from government, research organizations, academia and the military. The Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) will feature more than 425 exhibitors of cutting-edge technologies and applications as well as 130 paper presentations at the Orange County Convention Center. 

The premier global arena for innovation in learning for military and national security preparedness, this year’s theme is “Accelerate Change by Transforming Training – “It’s Time to ACTT!!” and is designed to challenge professionals to enhance, adapt, and accelerate solutions to meeting training and education requirements through advanced technology and approaches. 

“Faced with declining resources, increased competition, and the ability to rapidly implement new technology across the community, I/ITSEC 2022 serves as a vital lynchpin to transform our fighting forces for the future,” RADM James A. Robb, USN (Ret.), I/ITSEC organizer and NTSA President said. 



Panels will include senior representatives from U.S. Military Services, DHS, OSD, and NATO. Keynote speakers this year include: 

  • Gen David W. Allvin, USAF, Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force

  • MAJ GEN Shawn N. Bratton, USSF, Commander, Space Training and Readiness Command

  • Van Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer, Trideum Corporation.


SENIOR LEADER PANEL | TUESDAY, 29 NOVEMBER | 10:15 am – 12:00 pm

  • RADM James A. Robb, USN (Ret.), President, NTSA

  • The Hon. Dimitri Kusnezov, Under Secretary for Science and Technology

  • LtGen Kevin M. Iiams, USMC, Commanding General, Training and Education Command, USMC

  • VADM Francis Morley, USN, Principal Military Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Research, Development and Acquisition)

  • Caroline Baxter, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (DASD) for Force Education and Training, USD P&R

  • Lisa Costa, SES, Ph.D., Chief Technology and Innovation Officer (CTIO), U.S. Space Force

  • Kevin D. Stamey, SES, Director for Information Dominance Programs, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics

  • LTG Michael Claesson, Chief of Joint Operations, Swedish Armed Forces



  • Monday 28 highlights include 30 tutorials running the gamut of XR, Simulation Interoperability, Training Design, to LVC 

  • Monday 28 also has the first of 43 special events with the Congressional Modeling and Simulation Event. Opening Ceremonies on Tuesday 29 feature a combination of keynote speakers from the U.S. Air Force and Space Force, along with industry. This event will be followed by the military’s discussion of current opportunities and challenges during the Senior Leader Panel

  • 130 paper presentations from six subcommittee tracks are featured

  • Defense & The Metaverse: The Department of the Air Force (DAF) and DoD are tapping into the power of extended reality (XR) to transform training to develop warfighters that maintain superiority in mission capability, readiness, and lethality. Across a range of talks, demonstrations and panels, I/ITSEC brings a renewed focus to the defense metaverse. Key events include the launch of I/ITSECverse, NTSA’s new, advanced technology-centric ecosystem that showcases innovative defense and mission capabilities in an immersive, collaborative space. This year’s I/ITSEC will also feature The NBT Talx - The Consumer Metaverse Meets Defense; Beyond The Hype: Perspectives on XR and The Metaverse And The Metaverse for Training; Defense Leaders on Perspectives on the Military Metaverse and more. Learn more here

  • In a Wednesday 30 Signature Event, “Getting Real, Getting Better - A Navy Flag Officer Panel,” leaders will discuss the U.S. Navy’s plans while deploying forward to engage our long-term competition for the freedom of the seas. This panel of senior Navy leaders will provide insight into the changes we can expect within key acquisition, research and technology and mission readiness domains

  • On Tuesday, 29 November, a panel featuring Department of the Air Force leaders will discuss the strategic approach released by Chief of Staff of the Air Force (CSAF) Gen Charles Q. Brown called “Accelerate Change or Lose.” Panelists are set to offer insight from their acquisition, research and technology, and mission readiness perspectives into how accelerating and employing Modeling & Simulation technology across the enterprise will meet readiness and lethality challenges

  • On 1 December, in a “Special Operations Force Battlespace Preview,” special operators from USSOCOM’s four service components will speak to their professional experiences in the synthetic battlespace. Read more here



The Simulators Innovation team will host the Innovation Match Game, where organizers will match up USAF training units with three vendors in an exploration of possible solutions to real world training needs. Modeled after the TV show “House Hunters”, each prototype vendor will present a successful past project that might be adapted to solve the USAF training unit’s improvement request, and after a short Q&A, the audience picks their favorite. 



I/ITSEC is organized by the National Training and Simulation Association (NTSA), which promotes international and interdisciplinary cooperation within the fields of modeling and simulation (M&S), training, education, analysis, and related disciplines at this annual meeting. NTSA is an affiliate subsidiary of the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA).


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Admission to I/ITSEC 2022 and all its events is free for the media. Register now at www.IITSEC.org. Media who wish to attend must RSVP at iitsec.org, and a member of the media relations team will follow up to confirm credentials. For more information, visit www.iitsec.org and follow @IITSEC. 

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