NDIA updates pivotal acquisition reform report

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ARLINGTON, VA – An updated version of the National Defense Industrial Association’s groundbreaking “Pathway to Transformation” report, which set several federal acquisition reforms in motion, now is available on the trade association’s website, the Arlington, Virginia-based group announces.

NDIA’s Strategy & Policy team revised the document’s legislative recommendations for clearer understanding of statutory language as well as important references to the acquisition workforce. “Pathway” originally was done in support of the 2014 acquisition reform initiative, in which Congress asked NDIA for its input. The first report showed that past efforts to reform the acquisition process did not change the underlying actions behind today’s decisions.

This revised document comes ahead of an NDIA upcoming research report on resourcing and the Defense Department’s Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution process for allocating resources. This report is expected to be released this fall. Jon Etherton, now an NDIA senior fellow emeritus and project lead on the first “Pathway,” heads this new effort.

For media queries, please contact Evamarie Socha at esocha@NDIA.org. For more information about the report, contact Jacob Winn at jwinn@NDIA.org

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