What a year it’s been: NDIA Connect brings together thousands


ARLINGTON, VA – It’s a big anniversary for a big network: NDIA Connect, an online community for defense professionals who are part of the National Defense Industrial Association, turns one-year old with about 60,000 members as users, the Arlington, Virginia-based trade group announces. 

This exclusive benefit of NDIA and its affiliates, the National Training and Simulation Association and Women In Defense, launched in April 2020 just as the pandemic started. It quickly proved its value, enabling conversations and collaboration at a time when information was thin and communication was prime. 

“NDIA Connect’s benefit has been a revelation,” said Hawk Carlisle, NDIA’s president and CEO. “As everyone was feeling their way out and deciding how to operate when the pandemic began, this tool was a guiding force that connected our members in more ways than we hoped.” 

And it’s not just in Covid response that NDIA Connect has shown its worth. Forums on subjects, workplace issues, contracts and formalities and more have proven the power of communication among NDIA members, deepening their connection and showing, even more, the merit of an NDIA membership. 

As a part of NDIA Connect, members have the ability and opportunity to:

  • Connect with like-minded people from industry, government and academia as well as NDIA’s staff and membership 
  • Stay current on NDIA events, ongoing whitepapers, new policies, announcements and much more
  • Network with colleagues in all fields thanks to the mix of open and closed communities based on division and chapter participation as well as interest areas
  • Collaborate on projects to further any given community’s mission and vision
  • Plan meetings, seminars, webinars, conferences or any NDIA-related event
  • Contribute to documents of all kinds, including whitepapers, agendas, memos and proposals
  • Use the community to foster discussion, promote innovation, and grow networks

NDIA Connect is available exclusively to current NDIA, NTSA and WID members at Connect.NDIA.org. Visit Connect.NDIA.org to access your own account. Not a member? Don’t miss out on the advantages of NDIA membership and NDIA Connect. Learn more and join NDIA at NDIA.org, NTSA at TrainingSystems.org or WID at WomenInDefense.net.

About NDIA

The National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) is America's leading defense industry association promoting national security. NDIA provides a legal and ethical forum for the exchange of information between industry and government on national security issues. NDIA and its members foster the development of the most innovative and superior equipment, training, and support for warfighters and first responders through its divisions, local chapters, affiliated associations, and events. For more information, visit NDIA.org