ETI's Mark Lewis debuts podcast


ARLINGTON, VA – Mark Lewis debuted his podcast, “Emerging Tech Horizons, a National Security Podcast with Dr. Mark Lewis,” March 29, featuring Jason Matheny in a discussion on artificial intelligence and the future of defense modernization.

One of Matheny’s most renowned accomplishments is founding Georgetown University’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology. Matheny is the deputy assistant to the President for technology and national security, deputy director for national security in the Office of Science and Technology Policy, and coordinator for technology and national security at the National Security Council.

Lewis and Matheny discuss the place of artificial intelligence in today’s defense realm and if national leaders understand its use and how it can apply to defense. Matheny notes that AI captured the interest of the national security community from its beginning and, in fact, has been one of its earliest adapter of AI systems.

Bringing AI into intelligence “is bridging the gap between the resources we have and the resources we actually need,” Matheny said. The podcast is available here.

Lewis is executive director of the newly founded Emerging Technology Institute and will host the bimonthly podcast. Click here for details.

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