NDIA congratulates Lloyd Austin, 28th U.S. defense secretary

The Pentagon

ARLINGTON, VA – The National Defense Industrial Association extends its heartiest congratulations to our new Defense Secretary, retired Army Gen. Lloyd Austin, confirmed today. NDIA also commends the Senate on his rapid confirmation as the 28th Secretary of Defense.

Austin’s accomplishments and storied career have uniquely prepared him to lead the department as our nation faces an increasingly complex, rapidly evolving and threatening global environment. As the first Black secretary of defense, Austin will make his mark at a time when the United States must reaffirm its role in the world while helping heal its divisions. His skills as a unifier and leader in national security policy and logistics are exactly what is needed at this time in history.

Austin will be challenged early with missions such as leveraging the department’s considerable resources for COVID response — calling on his background in logistics and managing crises — rebuilding our global alliances and partnerships to counter our competitors and investing in advanced warfighting capabilities to maintain our advantages in a time of flat budgets. And he will do so with the mindset of a proven leader and the heart of a warrior who understands the price of war.

“I have the utmost admiration for Lloyd Austin as man, a friend and a proven leader from the years that we have had the opportunity to serve together. I am truly excited to support his efforts, working together to ensure our warfighters are ready for the current challenges as well as the myriad challenges that are on the horizon and beyond,” said NDIA President and CEO Hawk Carlisle.

NDIA looks forward to working closely with Austin and the Defense Department to ensure our warfighters are never in a fair fight. We join him in his passion for getting right to work on his expanding list of challenges.

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