Latest NDIA survey shows finances, DoD’s guidance top small-business concerns


ARLINGTON, VA -- Revenue expectations, access to capital and clear information from the Defense Department concern small businesses the most as they deal with the continued impact of the COVID-19 crisis, according to the latest small-business defense-sector survey from the National Defense Industrial Association, released today.

This survey and its analysis follow NDIA’s first polling, done and released in April that sought insight into the success of measures that local, state and federal governments took to mitigate the pandemic’s effects. Many respondents then said it was too early to identify mid- and long-term impacts of the crisis.

This latest survey compiles data collected between June 10 and July 3. Issues with workforce and cash flow or finances continue to be the most cited concerns as the coronavirus response continues, the survey notes.

Meanwhile, there is decreasing concern in other areas, such as availability of workforce and access to secure work facilities. Manufacturing businesses show lower levels of disruption, compared to the technology and services sectors.

The survey summary is available here; the results are available here.

As with the first survey, NDIA did this latest polling at the request of the Defense Department to monitor small businesses during the pandemic. NDIA continues to work closely with DoD on COVID-19-related matters to support the defense industrial base and keep employees and businesses safe and sound. For more information, visit

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