Calling small business: NDIA needs more feedback on DoD’s COVID-19 response


ARLINGTON, VA – Small-business defense contractors are encouraged to take the latest survey of the National Defense Industrial Association, which wants information on how these businesses continue to fare during the COVID-19 pandemic response, the Arlington, VA-based trade association announced June 23.

The survey is anonymous and available here and on the website; it will be open until close of business Friday, July 3. NDIA expects to release the results Friday, July 17.

This is the second survey of small businesses that NDIA has done at the behest of Defense Department’s Office of Acquisition and Sustainment, said Corbin Evans, principal director of strategic programs at NDIA, who oversees the survey.

“The information is vital to ensure small business is heard at the highest level of the Defense Department.” DoD will use the findings to form further COVID-related policy responses, Evans said.

About 770 small businesses took the last survey, results of which were released April 23. That survey revealed revenue expectations, meeting contract obligations and access to capital were the areas small businesses were taking the biggest hits in the COVID-19 virus crisis. Recommendations to the DoD from this survey included to accelerate payments to small businesses and creating virtual networking and matchmaking events, among others.

Among survey questions about the coronavirus circumstances, companies are asked to describe the impacts they’ve had, what contributed to those impacts, their levels of cash-flow disruption, where they may see bright spots or positive outcomes from the crisis and to rate the response of DoD and individual contracting officers. Some demographics questions also are included.

NDIA continues to work closely with DoD on COVID-19-related matters to support the defense industrial base and keep employees and businesses safe and sound. For more information, visit To speak with Evans or other NDIA officials about the survey, contact Evamarie Socha at

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