NDIA commends Congress for passing the 60th Consecutive NDAA


ARLINGTON, VA – The National Defense Industrial Association applauds Congress for its overwhelming support in passing the William M. “Mac” Thornberry National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2021, the Arlington, Virginia-based organization announces Dec. 12.

This bipartisan, bicameral piece of legislation marks the 60th year in a row Congress has approved the authorization for critical military policies and resources to protect our nation. We recognize the logistical impact of COVID-19 in getting this fundamental legislation passed in a timely manner and support the immediate signing of the bill into law.

This year’s NDAA achieves many victories for our national security and warfighters:

  • The $740.5 billion act includes provisions granting a pay raise for troops
  • A Pacific Deterrence Initiative with $6.9 billion prescribed over two years to deter maligned behavior in the region
  • A host of modernization efforts, including a special focus on artificial intelligence and cyber policy

Sen. Angus King (I-Maine) said he believes this is “the most important piece of cybersecurity legislation ever passed.” These provisions support the Defense Department’s continued modernization efforts outlined in the National Defense Strategy and, in concert with our highly skilled industrial base, provide the necessary resources for a strong national defense.

This year’s NDAA is named after Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-Texas), the retiring ranking member and former chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. We thank him for his more than quarter of a century serving in Congress and his unwavering support of America’s military.

NDIA looks forward to the FY21 NDAA becoming law and working with the 117th Congress in the new year to support our nation’s warfighters.

For media queries, contact Evamarie Socha at esocha@NDIA.org.


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