NDIA commends passage of defense spending bill in time for new fiscal year

President Donald Trump

ARLINGTON, VA -- The National Defense Industrial Association applauds passage today, Sept. 28, of H.R. 6157 into law by President Trump before the start of the new fiscal year.

NDIA is pleased the Defense Department will have accurate funding to execute the administration’s security strategies without the looming specter of another continuing resolution, which in the past has left our warfighters inadequately funded and our readiness and modernization levels depleted.

As the Senate and House passed the conference report by large margins, NDIA is hopeful that both the administration and Congress will continue to respect all stages of the budget process. Budget instability hurts the defense industrial base’s ability to supply warfighters with the equipment they need to defend our homeland. Budget stability is among NDIA’s strategic priorities, and we will continue this advocacy and look forward to engaging with stakeholders in the administration and on Capitol Hill.

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