NDIA mourns the loss, honors the legacy of Sen. John McCain

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ARLINGTON, VA -- It is with great sadness, yet honor, that the National Defense Industrial Association remembers Sen. John McCain. This nation has lost one of the greatest Americans, a true champion of service members, national security and the values we hold dear.

We remember John McCain for his dignity and courage. A progeny of admirals, McCain’s bloodline included a love of country and a call to service. His great calling would test his mettle with extreme circumstances, but he never wavered.  

We remember McCain for his heroism, though he did not – would not – call himself a hero. He earned that title when, as a prisoner of war, he refused release from his captors without his fellow imprisoned service brethren by his side. Later as a senator, he would legislate to lift the embargo and found diplomacy with Vietnam, the very state where he was held captive and tortured. He would not call himself a hero, but we do.

We remember McCain for his service. Elected to the House and then the Senate, he was in office since 1982, a loving burden not only on him but also on his family. Even when cancer began to dim his light, McCain made it to Capitol Hill to represent Arizona for the most important votes and legislation.

There are not many people of McCain’s caliber. There certainly will never be another John McCain. For incomparable service to the nation through the military and legislature, we celebrate and thank John McCain and mourn his loss.

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