NDIA introduces Cyber-Augmented Operations division

Cyber-Augmented Operations Division

As cyber-related technologies continue to evolve and shape the military and national security, the National Defense Industrial Association announces the Cyber-Augmented Operations division as one of its 28 subject divisions of focus.

This CAO division, formerly called Cyber and Emerging Technologies, will focus on “harnessing the power of cyber-related technologies,” such as high-speed processing, agile spectrum electronics and information algorithms, to deliver speed and automation to both tactical and operational advantages in military operations, NDIA states.

CAO technologies will expand as innovators reveal the potential for cyberspace beyond support for intelligence and traditional military operations. To that end, the division has four focus areas:

  • Human augmentation and replacement, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and autonomy
  • Human-machine teaming, such as augmented reality, interfaces, C2/BM or command and control battle management, decision execution and virtual reality, training and exercising
  • Electromagnetic spectrum operations, to include spectrum agility and management
  • Cyber-enabled process innovation, such as additive manufacturing, acquisition and business processes, and logistics and sustainment

More information on this division and its mission can be found on in the divisions tab under Cyber Augmented Operations To speak to someone about this division, please contact NDIA program development at (703) 522-1820.

Topics: Cyber, Cybersecurity

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