NDIA clarifies its position on Section 938 of NDAA

Washington, DC

ARLINGTON, VA -- The National Defense Industrial Association supports Section 938 of the Senate’s National Defense Authorization Act, which would have the Defense Security Service manage background investigations for military personnel, civilians and contractors, the Arlington, VA-organization announced Tuesday morning.

Retired Air Force Gen. Hawk Carlisle, president and chief executive officer, said because of a misunderstanding, NDIA was incorrectly listed among five nonprofit groups on a Sept. 15 letter to the Senate Armed Services Committee. The letter opposes Section 938.

 “In doing the background investigations, the Pentagon will speed the process and get these important new personnel where they are needed as soon as possible,” Carlisle said. “We support the Pentagon’s plan to take this on.”

Under the Pentagon’s plan, the Defense Department would take over the background investigations from the Office of Personnel Management. It would put this system in place in three phases over 36 months. The clearances apply to defense contractors as well as military and civilian government personnel.

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