Corporate member representatives of NDIA and its affiliate, the Association for Enterprise Information (AFEI), who have particular interests and expertise in the cyber domain compose the Cyber Division. The division operates as an NDIA organizational entity but is directed by AFEI. Corporate members from NDIA and AFEI will serve as division co-chairs, with NDIA chairing the executive committee.


The divisions primary objective is to contribute to U.S. national security by promoting communication and interaction between the industry, government and military on cyber domain policy, legislation, requirements and technology.

Its charter calls for the Cyber Division to facilitate industry-government interaction in policy, legislative, legal and technical areas directly related to protecting cyber assets, maintaining access to the cyber domain and conducting information operations. Such interaction is intended to promote the development of a secure, resilient and reliable cyber domain for the United States and its allies, and to provide for an exchange of information and views between industry, government and military representatives. The effective cooperation between these three groups is essential to establish and maintain U.S. superiority in the cyber domain.

The divisions specific objectives include:

  • Advocating for national policies that leverage private-sector and defense industry cyber capabilities.
  • Building public-private partnerships, which enhance information exchange and mutual understanding.
  • Supporting education initiatives to increase industry and government awareness of cyber threats and technology.
  • Coordinating members’ response to proposed legislation affecting the defense industrial base.
  • Performing systems engineering and related technical work to help advance the state of the art in secure systems.


Topics: Cyber, Cybersecurity

NDIA Contact

For more information about this Division, please contact:

Mr. Dave Chesebrough
Vice President, Program Development - AFEI
Phone: 703-247-2597
E-mail: dchesebrough@ndia.org
Ms. Britt Sullivan CMP
Director, Meetings
Phone: 703-247-2587
E-mail: bsullivan@ndia.org

Division Contact

Dr. Dawn Beyer
Lockheed Martin
E-mail: dawn.m.beyer@lmco.com
Ms. Perri Nejib
Northrop Grumman
E-mail: Perri.Nejib@ngc.com