The PSA enjoys the membership of a broad range of influential and highly involved companies from the Precision Strike community, spanning from major prime contractors to small businesses.  The broad range of membership ensures that the PSA brings to the DoD a wholesome solution set to solve their technical needs, whether large or boutique.   Additionally, PSA receives regular participation from he DoD, including all branches of service, as well as members of the Federal Government and academia.

If your company or organization plays a role in precision strike, then you have a place in the community PSA provides. As a member, your company distinguishes itself as part of a select community that plays a key role in our nation’s defense.  You will be part of an open forum where the voice of the precision strike community can be heard in the exchange of ideas. Here, the art and science of precision strike, including all aspects of the Kill Chain, is advocated and advanced. Important issues are socialized with a national and global perspective with key Department of Defense and industry leaders. PSA membership provides unique access to senior government officials through our events. 

Members come from a broad range of interests, including: Hypersonics, cruise missiles, stand-off weapons, fire-and-forget munitions, precision guided bombs, and smart submunitions.  Kinetic and non-kinetic effects as well as the associated employment planning, weapons control, and command and control systems are all regular topics of discussion. 

While the Association’s members are formed from the private sector and the government, including the military, PSA as an affiliate of NDIA is fully independent of the government and all companies.


Membership Options

PSA offers two types of membership to meet the needs of the important precision engagement community—corporate membership, in which a company joins as a unit, and individual membership, when it is more appropriate for a career or DoD professional to join.

Show your commitment to the precision strike community and JOIN TODAY!

For questions regarding membership, please contact Zoila Martinez at 703-247-2565 or by e-mail