About PSA

The Precision Strike Association (PSA) is a nonprofit organization founded to provide a forum for disparate experts from the U.S. military, government, national laboratories, and industry in an ethical, collegial, classified environment to mesh the current and future challenges faced by the U.S. military with the art of the possible in precision strike technology. PSA’s annual symposiums and reviews bring top federal and military leadership to a common forum with technical subject matter experts (SMEs) and industry leadership, enabling a candid dialogue that seeks to solve issues across the entire Kill Chain.

PSA, a proud affiliate of the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) since 2001, was founded as the Cruise Missile Association in 1988. Over its 30-plus year history, PSA has cultivated a dedicated community including over 30 defense companies and many of the U.S. National Labs, and has representation from all U.S. military services, the COCOMs, OSD, and the Joint Staff.

The association explores opportunities to improve the ability of precision strike systems to find, fix, track, target, engage, and assess threats. Specific areas of focus include technologies and systems that accelerate the OODA loop such as C4ISR, C3, weapon system platforms, warheads, enabling technologies, and offensive and defensive cyberwarfare capabilities on precision strike.

PSA provides venues for candid and honest dialogue to share ongoing and anticipated research and development across the domain of systems and enabling technologies including precision munitions, standoff weapons including hypersonics, space domain systems, spectrum warfare, and strategic deterrence, as well as sensor technologies, fuzing, and energetics. It challenges existing technical and programmatic paradigms to ensure excellence and dynamism within the Precision Strike community. It also provides a medium for the identification of potential weaknesses and the solicitation for support in any of these areas.

PSA membership is strongly represented by government agencies (including DoD, DOE, the military services, etc.), academia, industry, and relevant research laboratories. Frequently the PSA receives input, insight, and observations from Administration and Congressional leadership.

The PSA is always on the lookout for diverse participation to maximize the preparation of our Nation and supporting Defense Industry and Academia to compete with and defeat adversaries within the context of changing geopolitical strategies, tactics, capabilities, and the existing state of policy and regulation. By providing an ethical and open environment for this highly capable and broadly experienced group to have honest, challenging discussions, PSA seeks to advance the art and science of precision engagement concepts and technologies, thereby ensuring the safety and security of the Nation and its Allies and Partners.