NDIA Connect encompasses a wide variety of collaboration tools and functionalities, including ones that foster conversations and connections, ultimately promoting innovation in the defense and national security communities.


Based on your Division participation and interest areas, you will be either automatically assigned to or able to join certain communities within NDIA Connect. However, all users will be part of a platform-wide community called The Agenda, where general discussions can occur, questions can be answered, and networks can grow.

Discussion Threads

Start your own discussion threads or reply to those of other users, prompting conversations related to topics of interest and importance to the defense and national security community.


As you and your colleagues collaborate on projects and plans, upload relevant documents to NDIA Connect so that all authorized users may access them. This way, there's no more need to send emails and emails of attachments that could get lost in the process.

Member Directory

Search for people both in and out of your current network, strengthening your preexisting working relationships while building new ones. Find defense professionals who work in your field or others, who are interested in what interests you, or who could enhance your defense-related work.


Join other NDIA Connect users and NDIA members in professional development and educational webinars to augment your knowledge, expand your skill set, and promote innovation in defense and national security.


Stay up to date on NDIA, NTSA, and WID eventslocal, regional, national, and international—so that you don't miss a single one. Through the events listing on NDIA Connect, you'll have immediate knowledge of all meetings, conferences, summits, symposia, and exhibitions open to you.


Maintain your participation in and contributions to policy-related—not political—discussions within specialized communities on NDIA Connect.

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