James B. Lasswell

At Large Member
Senior Advisor, INDUS Technology, Inc.
Jim Lasswell, has worked in the engineering field for over 40 years, recently selling his company of 200 employees, INDUS Technology, Inc.  He is remaining as a Senior Advisor to the new President & CEO, and assisting the company in Community Outreach and Business Development.  

He received a BS degree from USNA in 1963, then two technical MS degrees, and an MBA.  During his careers he spent 20 delightful years in the U. S. Navy, retiring from NAVSEASYSCOM as a Commander and as Program Manager for Vertical Launch ASROC and ASWCS MK 116-Mod 5, 6 & 7.  He commanded USS SAFEGUARD and served on Destroyers and Amphibious ships.

After retirement Jim joined Eldyne, Inc. as the Eastern Region Technical Director and later moved to Electromagnetic Technology, Inc. as Vice President.  After uncounted acquisitions he survived the bloodshed and by default became the President of Ogden’s $180 Million Defense Sector.  Shortly after achieving this lofty position he was tagged to preside over the divestiture of all Ogden defense companies.  The first of which became part of the company that became ANTEON.  Financial analysis, euthanasia and rebuilding became part of his quiver as he presided over the last sale of Ogden’s defense company that took place in March of 2000.  At this time he moved directly to INDUS as COO; a government services company co-founded by his late wife and himself.  Credited with setting up the accounting system, developing the Strategic Business Plan, capitalization, contracting and business development, Jim is diverse in both education and experience.  Jim took over as President upon the death of his wife, Dr. Kathy Sridhar.  Today INDUS is over 220 people and frequently the winner of “Best of the Best Places to Work for in San Diego.”

Jim is very active in NDIA as the San Diego Chairman of the Board, Co-Chair of the Small Business Committee and retired as the Chapter President.  He currently serves as a member of the Executive Committee as a Member at Large on the Board of Directors of NDIA National; and has served as a member of board of Directors of the AFEI, USO; and is currently a member of the San Diego County Citizens Law Enforcement Review Board (CLERB) charged with the review of in-custody deaths and complaints against San Diego County Law Enforcement, Probation and Detention Officials.

In leading the Small Business Committee, Jim has been actively involved since 2004 in leading the efforts of the successful Navy Gold Coast Small Business Procurement event in concert with the Department of the Navy.  The Navy Gold Coast event welcomed 1,500 attendees and 250 Exhibitors – our featured speakers included the Under Secretary of the Navy and the Administrator of the Small Business Administration.