Steve Shirley

Executive Director
Cybersecurity Division Meeting

Steve Shirley is Executive Director of the National Defense Information Sharing & Analysis Center (ND-ISAC) and vice chair of the Defense Industrial Base Sector Coordinating Council (DIB SCC). ND-ISAC is a non-federal, industry-only nonprofit organization formed and funded by member companies who put competition aside to collaborate intimately on cybersecurity issues and allied areas of risk. Before ND-ISAC, as its SES Executive Director Steve led the DoD Cyber Crime Center (DC3) through five-fold growth to include the stand-up and operations of DoD’s principal cyber threat sharing program with defense contractors and DoD’s Vulnerability Disclosure Program.  Steve retired as a colonel from the US Air Force and as vice commander (chief operating officer) for the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) with its 200+ operating locations around the world. In that post and in numerous previous assignments around the world Steve helped protect Air Force and DoD people, operations, technologies, and US defense industry partners from foreign adversaries and criminal threats.