Aaron Hart

Light Tactical Vehicle
Product Director
2024 Tactical Wheeled Vehicles Conference

Aaron Hart entered government service in 2000, working for the Tank-automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) primarily focused on advanced materials, manufacturing technologies, and alternative energy. He currently serves as the Product Director for Light Tactical Vehicles, responsible for the lifecycle management of the HMMWV and associated trailer systems.

In 2008 Aaron started working for Product Manager, Heavy Tactical Vehicles as a systems engineer, then as an Assistant Product Manager. During his tenure, Aaron managed the acquisition of over 2,600 tactical trucks and numerous items of ancillary equipment valued at over $1.2B, completing several Urgent Materiel Releases, Type Classification Standards, and Full Materiel Releases. In 2011, Aaron transitioned to the Robotic Systems Joint Project Office where he served as an Assistant Program Manager and then Engineering Team Leader, leading the team to a successful Materiel Development Decision for the Husky Mounted Detection System.

In 2013, Mr. Hart took a position as the System Engineering Team Leader for the Program Executive Office Ground Combat Systems (PEO GCS) staff.  In this role, he coordinated engineering activities across the Army’s combat vehicle programs. Aaron served as the independent technical authority during several design reviews across the GCS portfolio and led the PEO GCS system commonality efforts.  In 2016 Mr. Hart completed the Senior Service College Fellowship. His developmental assignment reassigned him as the Group leader for Small Arms System Support within the Integrated Logistics Support Center. As Group Leader, Aaron was responsible for an overall portfolio of eight major end items and over 880 secondary items.

In July 2017, Aaron served as a Program Officer while standing up Product Manager Vehicle Protection Systems, developing the organizational structure of the new office while managing the acquisition strategy for common survivability capabilities across PEO GCS. In July 2018, Aaron served as the Request for Proposal “trail boss” for the new Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle program. In March 2019, Aaron assumed the position of Engineering Director of Program Manager Maneuver Combat Systems  (now XM30). During his tenure, Aaron oversaw all engineering activities, provided strategic guidance on the OMFV acquisition strategy, and was critical in developing XM30 digital engineering strategy.

Mr. Hart holds a Master’s of Science in Global Leadership and Management from Lawrence Technological University (2016), a Master’s of Science in Operations Management from Lawrence Technological University (2006) and a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Kettering University (2002).