Paul Bolinger

Humphreys & Associates
Engagement Director
Fall 2023 Integrated Program Management Division Meeting

With decades of experience in government, aerospace, and commercial project management, Paul Bolinger has held various significant roles, including PM, Deputy PM, Project Control Manager, CAM, Project Engineer, Master Scheduler, EVMS SME, and consultant. During his tenure in the Navy, he actively participated in DCMA reviews and audits of project management systems. In the Aerospace sector, he led five successful EVMS system development and implementation efforts. In the commercial arena, he successfully implemented ERP systems in nine locations worldwide. As part of Humphreys & Associates, Mr. Bolinger has made a considerable impact, having trained thousands of CAMs, IPT Leads, and other project personnel in the Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) and project management using EVMS. Currently, he serves as an Engagement Director with Humphreys & Associates.