Gary Humphreys

Humphreys & Associates, Inc.
CEO and Founder
Fall 2023 Integrated Program Management Division Meeting

Gary HuGary Humphreys is the CEO and Founder of Humphreys & Associates, Inc.  He has more than 35 years of both government and commercial program management experience.  He and his firm specialize in performance measurement and Earned Value systems design, development and implementation.
He was the first U.S. Army Team Director to conduct an EVMS tri-service evaluation. Gary has served on many industry and joint government committees including the Committee of Nine for increasing the Cost Effectiveness of Earned Value and the Industry Committee of Fifteen to improve the compatibility and interpretation of earned value with efficient production management control techniques. He was a key member of the committee that developed ANSI/EIA-748 Guidelines.
Mr. Humphreys received the DoD’s highest acquisition award, the 1998 David Packard award for Excellence in Acquisition and was also the recipient of the Whitey H. Driessnack Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Advancement of Performance Management.
Under Gary’s leadership, the Performance Management Association achieved nationwide recognition as a policy-influencing group, became one of the first colleges within the Project Management Institute (PMI), and is now known as the College of Performance Measurement (CPM).
Gary authored "Project Management Using Earned Value" considered to be the "Bible for EVMS," "Measuring Project Performance", and co-authored "Project and Production Scheduling".  Gary has written numerous articles on Earned Value and is the speaker of choice at world-wide EVMS symposia.
He holds a BS degree from UC Berkeley and an MBA from USC and is a member of the NDIA, PMI, and the CPM.