Rick Wolf

NDIA BI – Persuasive Presentations with The Maher Group
Rick Wolf is an accomplished senior executive with over a decade of corporate experience in business development and training. In his last position in the private sector, Rick served as the Vice President of Business Operations for a national risk management firm specializing in training and undercover investigations. Prior to this, at Booz Allen Hamilton, Rick served as the senior training consultant and curriculum manager for the US Army Counterintelligence National Defense Training Program.
Rick is a dynamic instructor who brings years of practical business experience to the platform along with his incredible passion for high-level sales and strategic planning. He spent several years perfecting his craft as an instructor while working as a tenured college professor teaching multiple disciplines.

Prior to entering the business world, Rick served as a Special Agent with U.S Army Counterintelligence conducting counter-espionage activities in Europe, the Middle East and the US. He holds a Ph.D. and is a published academic author. Rick currently lives in Chicago, IL.