Christian Smart

Chief Scientist
IPMD Webinar: Improving Program/Project Management : Program/Project Risk Analysis

Dr. Smart is Chief Scientist at Galorath Federal, a leading international supplier of parametric cost models and cost analysis consulting services.   Previously he worked for SAIC, MCR, and the Missile Defense Agency.

Dr. Smart supports NASA and the Department of Defense in the application of analytics for cutting-edge programs, including nuclear propulsion and hypersonic weapon systems. An internationally recognized expert on risk analysis, he is the author of the recently published book Solving for Project Risk Management: Understanding the Critical Role of Uncertainty in Project Management (McGraw-Hill, 2020).

For several years, Dr. Smart served as the Cost Director for the Missile Defense Agency for several years, leading a team of over 100 estimators. Dr. Smart received the 2021 Frank Freiman lifetime achievement award from the International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association. In 2010, he received an Exceptional Public Service Medal from NASA for the application of risk analysis. Dr. Smart was the 2009 recipient of the Parametrician of the Year award from the International Society of Parametrics Analysts.

Dr. Smart has BS degrees in Mathematics and Economics from Jacksonville State University, an MS in Mathematics from the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH), and a PhD in Applied Mathematics from UAH.