Gary Wollenweber

Consulting Engineer, GE Aviation
Tutorials in Aircraft Survivability Webinar

Mr. Gary Wollenweber is Consulting Engineer-Infrared and Thermal Design for GE Aviation’s Engineering Division in Cincinnati OH.  Mr. Wollenweber’s primary responsibilities include engine infrared and visible signature, suppression design, technology integration, analytic assessment, measurements and leadership of infrared and thermal design product teams.

Mr. Wollenweber has 43 years of experience in aircraft engine thermal design and has specialized on exhaust nozzle cooling and signature control technology since 1984.  During this time, Mr. Wollenweber has worked on variable cycle engines, B-2, A-12, ATF, F-16, F-18A/B/C/D/E/F, E-3, C-5, A330 & B-767 Tanker, H-60, H-1, H-46, CSAR-X and other aircraft visible and infrared signatures. Mr. Wollenweber managed the Infrared and Thermal Design Section from 1989 to 1998 and then assumed his current position and role.  Mr. Wollenweber has been a Member of the GE Design Boards, since 1989. Mr. Wollenweber has 13 US patents, with other applications pending and was recognized as "GE Great Person in Engineering" in 2002 by the Vice President of GE Aviation Engineering.

Mr. Wollenweber has been an adjunct lecturer for the Georgia Tech Professional Education Infrared and Visible Signature and Suppression short course since 2005. Mr. Wollenweber has taught infrared signature and suppression tutorials for MSS/IRIS Infrared Countermeasures, NDIA Aircraft Survivability conferences and USAF/AFIT graduate students.   Mr. Wollenweber has also served as thesis committee member for several AFIT graduate students and is a propulsion infrared signature consultant for NASIC.  Mr. Wollenweber has also taught aircraft engine cooling design for the Advanced Course in Engineering, a Master Science level curriculum jointly sponsored by GE Aviation and University of Cincinnati.  Mr. Wollenweber is a regular instructor at GE’s Inlet and Exhaust Department Lunch and Learn series, GE’s in-house Professional Engineer Continuing Education Series and several of GE’s after-hours courses.

Mr. Wollenweber has been a member of the Combat Survivability Executive Board since 2000.  Mr. Wollenweber has been chairman of the Combat Survivability Education Committee since 2003. In that role he has been member of the Symposium Program Committee and has chaired the Tutorial Sessions at the annual NDIA Aircraft Survivability Symposium, traditionally held at the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey CA. Mr. Wollenweber received the NDIA Combat Survivability Division’s Robert H. Gormley Leadership Award in 2019.

Mr. Wollenweber has served on the technical program committee of the MSS/IRIS Specialty Group on Infrared Countermeasures (formerly IRIA-IRIS/ERIM International, Inc.) since 1997. Mr. Wollenweber has been a Trustee for the Hyde Park Neighborhood Council, one of 52 community council recognized by the City of Cincinnati.

Mr. Wollenweber has Physics (Wabash College, 1974) and Mechanical Engineering (BS-Purdue 1975, MS-Purdue, 1977) degrees and is a registered Professional Engineer (Ohio #47430). 

Mr. Wollenweber is married to Author and University of Cincinnati Professor Cynthia Crane.