E. Anne Sandel, SES

Acting Principal Civilian Deputy to the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development and Acquisition
2021 Virtual Expeditionary Warfare Conference : Keynote Address: Closing the Gaps & Building the Affordable N-MC Today & Tomorrow

Ms. Sandel assumed the duties of Executive Director, Office of Naval Research in July 2018 where she is responsible for oversight of the coordination, execution, and promotion of science and technology for the United States Navy and Marine Corps.

Ms. Sandel was appointed to the Senior Executive Service during May 2000 for the position of Deputy Program Manager for the newly established Program Executive Office (PEO) Carrier Programs Office (PMS 378) where she was responsible for the CVN 77 Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier Acquisition Program, the CVNX (1 & 2) Future Carrier Acquisition Programs, (Later the Ford Class) as well as all aircraft carrier technology development.

In October 2002, the ASN(RDA) assigned her to be the founding Executive Director, for the PEO Integrated Warfare Systems (PEO IWS), responsible for realigning all Navy surface ship and submarine combat systems, missiles, radars, launchers, electronic warfare systems, anti-submarine warfare systems, and gun systems from five PEOs into a single integrated organization.

During January 2004, Ms. Sandel was requested by the ASN(RDA) to be the first Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Integrated Warfare Systems (DASN IWS), exercising advisory and oversight responsibilities for the cost, schedule, and performance of all surface ships, submarines, and Marine Corps combat systems, weapon systems, electronic warfare systems, shipboard radars, and Navy missile defense programs. She was the DASN responsible for initial implementation of Open Architecture within the DON.

Ms. Sandel was requested by ASN (RDA) during August 2008 to be the Program Executive Officer for Littoral, Mine Warfare (PEO LMW). She was responsible for design, development, production, testing, and delivery of all warfighting capabilities for the littoral battlespace as well as lifecycle support. She led eight program offices comprised of over 220 programs, including multiple Acquisition Category I programs and several SOCOM initiatives addressing urgent warfighting needs.

Ms. Sandel was later requested by ASN(RRDA) to lead the transformation of PEO LMW into the newly established PEO Littoral Combat Ships (PEO LCS) where she was responsible for establishing the organizational structure, operating precepts, and business processes necessary to integrate Littoral Combat Ship development and construction programs, mission modules, and the newly created Fleet Support Program Office.

In November 2012, Ms. Sandel reported for duty as Executive Director, NAVSEA Surface Warfare Maintenance and Modernization, responsible for Fleet support of all Navy non-nuclear surface ships (surface combatants, amphibious, auxiliary, mine warfare and patrol craft), inactive ships, foreign military fleet support, and ship transfer programs. Her management oversight responsibility for the Surface Warfare portfolio exceeded $15 billion.

Ms. Sandel was later requested to take over the role of Executive Director, Navy International Programs Office in March 2016 where she was responsible for oversight of the development, planning, and implementation of the Department of the Navy's International Programs, primarily in the areas of Security Cooperation, Cooperative Production, Research and Development, Technology Transfer, and Strategic Planning.

She began her professional career with the Newport News Shipbuilding Engineering Team where she worked aircraft carrier and submarine design & production. She was recruited to join the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) Engineering Directorate in 1988 Ms. Sandel served in a series of progressively more responsible positions associated with design and development of surface combatants, aircraft carriers, submarines, polar icebreakers, and mobile offshore base design, construction and management.

Ms. Sandel’s personal awards include the Silver Medal Award, Association of Scientists and Engineers, the Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Award (3 Awards), the Navy Superior Civilian Service Award (3 Awards), and the Navy Distinguished Civilian Service Award (3 Awards).