Dr. Warren Snapp

Solid-State Electronics Development Systems Technology
Exploring Emerging Technologies: Radiation Hardened Technology, an Industry Perspective

Dr. Snapp has worked in the area of integrated circuit design, digital and analog electronics design and aerospace electronics subsystems design for thirty years and has managed numerous successful developmental and production electronics programs. He has worked in the design and management of electronic system applications in communications, electronic warfare, radar, and infrared sensors.    His organization, which is part of Boeing’s central R&D group, has developed over 450 advanced digital, analog, RF/microwave and radiation-hardened integrated circuits used in Boeing’s commercial, space, and defense products and also performs on a wide range of technology developments funded by Government research organizations.

 Education:              PhD EE, University of Michigan, 1979

    MSEE, University of Michigan, 1977

BSEE, University of Washington, 1971