The Undersea Warfare Division of NDIA invites you or someone in your organization to submit an abstract for consideration for agenda placement in the Technical Sessions of the 2020 Undersea Warfare Spring Conference. This conference concentrates on the Navy's key core competency mission of countering submarine and mine threats to the free and open flow of seaborne commerce and to the conduct of power projection from the sea.


Abstracts should clearly describe advances in undersea warfare technology areas and apply to one (or more) of the seven technical areas listed below:

  • Aviation USW
    Desired technical subjects cover the broad areas of signal processing, human factors, training, undersea capable weapons, sensors, man-machine interface, littoral and large area search as well as the networking required to make all of this happen
  • C4I & Combat Systems
    Focuses on Communications, Information Exchange, Data Fusion and Command and Control enablers for the ASW Kill Chain F2T2EA (Find, Fix, Track, Target, Engage and Assess)
  • Mine Warfare
    Addresses threats, programs, operations, CONOPS, and future technologies across the MIW spectrum of mine hunting, mine sweeping, neutralization, command and control, mining and other areas of interest
  • Undersea Sensors
    Abstracts submitted to this section should relate to the following: underwater acoustic transduction and acoustic sensor arrays, electro-optic sensors, magnetic sensors, electrostatic sensors, chemical sensors, gravity sensors, signal processing, test and evaluation, operational use/sea test results, and theoretical studies
  • Undersea Vehicles
    Focuses on both large and small hull undersea vehicles (both manned and unmanned) and unmanned surface vehicles. Technical subjects cover the broad areas of weapons, unmanned vehicles, defensive systems and hull, mechanical and electrical systems
  • Warfighter Performance
    Addresses evolving operational needs and solutions in the area of USW Warfighter Performance which employ a combination of components such as technology, HSI, Serious Games, Virtual Worlds, and other emerging concepts. Presentations in this session will address approaches that effectively combine cross discipline techniques and methodologies to provide real capability to the Warfighter across all USW Warfare Domains/Enterprises (i.e., Submarine, Surface, Air, and MIW Enterprises)

Abstracts must be submitted online at https://application.ndia.org/abstracts/0260/

Be sure to address the following in your submission:

  1. What topic is to be addressed and why it is important;
  2. How the topic relates to the theme ("The Global Multi-Domain Competition - Integrating Subsea/Seabed Warfare Capabilities")
  3. How the method/approach addresses the topic;
  4. How mature the research/development is;
  5. The results that are to be expected;
  6. The type, significance, and importance of the results; and
  7. A 2- or 3-sentence summary of your abstract to include in the agenda.

Please submit your abstracts no later than Friday, January 31, 2020.

All abstracts will be reviewed and chosen for the program by Wednesday, February 12, 2020.  

If your abstract is selected, presentation material should be submitted no later than March 25, 2019.  Material submitted after this date will not be loaded onto the laptop.

Contact Kabir Brown at kbrown@NDIA.org with any questions.