Electronics Division Meeting

  • 9/4/2019 - 9/5/2019
  • Lockheed Martin Global Vision Center
    2121 Crystal Drive, Suite 100
    Arlington,  VA  22202
    Tel: (703) 413-5802
  • Theme : U.S. Electronics: Competing in an increasingly dynamic, complex, global environment
    Event Type : Meeting
    Event Code : 987M


This meeting has been cancelled due to scheduling conflicts and leadership availability necessary for a meaningful interchange. The Electronics Division committees will be continuing their work and a follow-on meeting will be scheduled at the appropriate time.

Incorporating advanced commercial electronic technologies while maintaining the integrity and security of defense systems is a growing challenge to the Defense community.

At this meeting the Division will address critical issues for U.S. access to technology to produce trusted and assured components for electronic systems for defense, national security, and critical commercial applications current and future challenges for trusted micro-electronics in national security systems. The meeting theme is "U.S. Electronics: Competing in an increasingly dynamic, complex, global environment."

Issues in the spotlight include research agendas in critical electronics technologies for key government agencies, including DOD, DOE Office of Science, NIST and DHS; how the U.S. is approaching the game-changing technology of 5G; AI and Machine Learning and Virtual Reality are changing the world right before our eyes – what’s new and what’s practical and what are the impacts on autonomous systems? Emerging and foundational technologies and regulations – what’s needed to protect U.S. assets? U.S. microelectronics leadership is widely recognized as fundamental national security and economic vitality. 

What is the DOD strategy to ensure our warfighters are never in an even fight? Space is often called the next frontier and our global competitors are moving quickly to enhance their capabilities there.  How is the U.S. addressing the need for speed in space prototyping? 

This important meeting includes representatives from the USG, industry - both large and small companies and  defense and commercial companies - provides a platform to address these issues through the following panel discussions:

  • Electronics R&D Strategies for DOD, DOE Office of Science, NIST, DHS
  • The U.S. Approach to 5G – Infrastructure, Opportunities
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/Virtual Reality – Innovations Here and Now
  • Autonomy Demo
  • New Technologies and Regulatory Controls – Finding the Right Balance
  • DOD Microelectronics Strategy in a Zero-Trust Age
  • Rapid Space Prototyping


Electronics Division Pie Chart - Event 987M

* Numbers are based on August 2018 and February 2019 conference attendance.


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