Image of Dr. Lonnie Love, a middle aged Caucasian man with blue eyes and a grin on his face. He is seated before a blue backdrop and wears a dark jacket and blue-gray tie.

Dr. Lonnie Love

Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Group Leader, Manufacturing Systems Research Group
September Manufacturing Division Meeting
Lonnie Love, Ph.D., is a Corporate Fellow and Group Leader of ORNL’s Manufacturing Systems Research Group.  He has over 20 years of experience in the design and control of complex robotic and hydraulic systems.  Past research focused on mesofluidics (miniaturized hydraulics), strength amplifying machines, holonomic omnidirectional vehicles and nanofermentation (biological synthesis of nanomaterials).  He is the project lead for the Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM) program at ORNL that is focusing on large scale, high speed composite additive manufacturing that is now being commercialized by Cincinnati Incorporated.  Lonnie was ORNL’s 2014 Distinguished Research Scientist, 2009 Inventor of the year, has over 30 invention disclosures and patents and 75 peer reviewed publications.  He serves on the scientific advisory board for NSF’s Center for Compact and Efficient Fluid Power.