ADAPT Breakfast Meeting

9A21 ADAPT Breakfast Meeting
  • 7/26/2019
  • NDIA Headquarters
    2101 Wilson Boulevard Ste 700
    Arlington,  VA  22201
  • Event Type : Breakfast, Meeting
    Event Code : 9A21


DevOps in the Defense Intelligence Information Enterprise

Learn about how the Defense Intelligence Information Enterprise (DI2E) is using DevOps and constant coordination with industry to ensure that the latest tools get to IC and DoD customers (programs and developers).

The DI2E Developer Collaboration Tools are used by Government programs and their supporting developers, and provide documentation and design artifact hosting, issue tracking, and project collaboration. The tools effectively enable the automation of nightly builds and tests of software projects. They flag and send errors to development teams for action, and automate unit and IV&V testing, sending results to development teams upon completion. The tools allow check-in/check-out capability to maintain versioning of software baselines in shareable source code and design artifact repositories. The DI2E Developer Collaboration Tools provide an environment in which code produced for the government is configuration managed, maintained, and manipulated on government-owned property.

*Please note: This event is closed to the press.