Expeditionary Warfare Division Annual Meeting

Expeditionary Warfare Division Annual Meeting Expeditionary Warfare
  • 2/27/2019 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Army Navy Country Club
    1700 Army Navy Drive
    Arlington,  VA  22202
    Tel: 703-521-6800
  • Event Type : Meeting
    Event Code : 970A


America's expeditionary forces are entering an era of great power competition. As the 2018 National Defense Strategy states, China and Russia are deploying all elements of their national power to achieve their global ambitions and accumulate power at America’s expense. This may imperil the diplomatic, economic and military bonds that link the United States to its allies and partners. 

Such actions call for modern and robust strategic mobility capabilities to enable the nation's expeditionary forces to deploy and prevail over potential adversaries any time, any place. The U.S. Transportation Command provides the most responsive strategic mobility capability the world has ever seen, and its innovations will influence future strategic mobility for years to come.

Join members of the community Wednesday, Feb. 27, at the Expeditionary Warfare Division Annual Meeting, featuring remarks from LtGen John Broadmeadow, USMC, deputy commander of U.S. Transportation Command, as we discuss our challenges now and those to come. 
LtGen John Broadmeadow Official Photo
LtGen John Broadmeadow 


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