Manufacturing Division Meeting

Manufacturing Division Graphic - industrial bits and screws in shades of silver and blue Manufacturing
  • 2/13/2019 - 2/14/2019
  • Deloitte’s Atlanta Office
    191 Peachtree Tower
    Atlanta,  GA  30303
  • Event Type : Meeting
    Event Code : 919A


The winter meeting of the Manufacturing Division will focus on advanced technology for defense manufacturing and supply chains. The program features speakers from industry, academia, and government discussing different aspects of how advanced technology is changing the landscape for small manufacturers in supply chains, and the needs of the primes and systems integrators to factor technology integration into their supply chains.

The meeting is open to all interested parties who want to understand more on the issues facing U.S. defense manufacturing.

Speakers Include

Alan Estevez headshot      Headshot of Tom Kurfess       Headshot of Brenna Sniderman
    Headshot of Col. Max J. Stitzer    
Alan Estevez
Dr. Tom Kurfess
Brenna Sniderman
Col Max
Stitzer, USAF

Committee Meetings

The following committees will meet to discuss upcoming efforts with DoD:

  • Defense Manufacturing Communications
  • DoD Supply Chain Network
  • Manufacturing Workforce
  • Technology for Manufacturing

Division Objective

The division works to:

  • Advocate national support for defense manufacturing
  • Promote defense manufacturing excellence
  • Support promising technologies, processes and implementation methodologies
  • Conduct manufacturing research and study efforts
  • Conduct government/industry forums focused on defense manufacturing


Please note, this event is not open to media.


The NDIA has a policy of strict compliance with federal and state antitrust laws. The antitrust laws prohibit competitors from engaging in actions that could result in an unreasonable restraint of trade. Consequently, NDIA members must avoid discussing certain topics when they are together – both at formal association membership, board, committee, and other meetings and in informal contacts with other industry members: prices, fees, rates, profit margins, or other terms or conditions of sale (including allowances, credit terms, and warranties); allocation of markets or customers or division of territories; or refusals to deal with or boycotts of suppliers, customers or other third parties, or topics that may lead participants not to deal with a particular supplier, customer or third party.


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