Poster Presentation Guidelines

Poster Guidelines Poster Presentation Format:

The poster will be displayed on a foam board using push pins or Velcro strips, which must be supplied by the presenter. The poster should not exceed 20” wide by 30” tall. Poster presenters must be at their poster at a minimum during the reception and scheduled breaks (please see agenda for times). The poster must be attached to the bulletin board in Suites 8, 9 and 10 no later than 4:00 pm on Monday, May 7 and will be removed by 12:00 pm on Thursday, May 10, 2018.

Presenters are responsible for both posting and removing their own posters. Posters left up after scheduled presentation periods will be taken down and thrown away.

The following guidelines to create your poster will apply:

• The only materials that should be used are laminations, pictures, paper, or poster paper.

• If a push pin or Velcro strip cannot attach an item to the board, then it is not permitted to be used. Nothing should stand alone, on the floor, or hang off the board.

• No extra props are allowed (tables, equipment, etc.). • There is no floor space permitted for a poster session.

• We recommend text sizes no smaller than font size 60 (graphs or images with text less than 60 accepted). Images should contain suitable dpi no smaller than hi-res jpegs.

For more information regarding the poster sessions, please see page 4 of the document found on page 4 of this document.  

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