Supply Chain Workshop

Supply Chain Risk Management Manufacturing
  • 2/28/2017
  • Holland & Knight
    800 17th Street NW, Suite 100
    Washington,  DC  20006
  • Event Type : Meeting
    Event Code : 7040


Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) is the implementation of strategies to reduce vulnerability and ensure continuity of the systems and services that our warfighters need.

This workshop on February 28th, 2017, will build on the last workshop’s findings and will continue to be a hands-on collaboration across the DoD supply chain – featuring break-out sessions that are co-moderated by a 2-person team of “Industry” and “Government” counterparts.

The goal of the workshop will be to apply SCRM process principles (identify, assess, mitigate, and manage) to answer the question of how can the DoD & industry better plan for sustainment during Acquisition phase?

• What information do we need during acquisition phase to plan  for sustainment?
• How can we get and maintain the information throughout the  rest of the system lifecycle?
• What are the barriers to proactive sustainment initiatives?
• What are the differences in the way we treat repairable  versus consumable items?
• What are the differences in the way we treat systems that are  already in Sustainment phases?

SCRM in the U..S DoD is largely concerned with Trusted Systems and Networks (TSN) and with sustainment of systems beyond the acquisition phase (i.e. DMSMS and obsolescence management).

Driven by an increase in lead-times and risk of excess stock, the workshop will recommend proactive sustainment policies and practices for common types of DoD parts and systems, including:

• Commercial Electronics (including software)
• Government Custom Electronics (including Software)
• Mechanical Parts (e.g. engines and blades)- where the  government owns the TDPs
   (technical data packages)
• Mechanical Parts - where the government doesn’t own TDPs
• Non-Standard Acquisition of Newer Technologies (at the platform- level)

Workshop findings will form the basis of an industry whitepaper, to be delivered in advance of a meeting with senior SCRM stakeholders in the summer of 2017 (TBC): currently targeted to senior leadership from Supply Chain Integration, Materiel Readiness, Systems Engineering, and Maintenance P&P. 


Mr. Terence Rice
(703) 247-9468