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Business Inside the Beltway: Maximizing Government Opportunities Course
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Configuration and Data Management (CDM) Course and Examination
Mr. Chuck Billingsley

The in-person Configuration and Data Management (CDM) Prep Course is an intensive two-day preparation course designed to prepare individuals for the CDM certification exam. The primary thrust of the prep course is to provide insight into functions and processes. This course includes and emphasizes industry and international CDM practices, and applicable guidance standards itemized in the study guide, as well as government acquisition policies and contracting processes.

The examination material comes from an examination database, which contains objective questions, true-false questions, and mix & match questions. Examinations are based on prevalent industry, international, and government standards, and they are administered in four parts, each with defined subject matter. Questions are in essay and objective formats. There are three levels of examination: manager level, which requires 10 years of experience to take the examination; specialist level, which requires 5 years of experience to take the examination; and apprentice level, which requires one to be in a CM/DM work position to mark the examination. A candidate's prior experience determines the level of examination they can take. The level of examination has no relationship to a candidate's job position.

Defense Systems Acquisition Management (DSAM) Seminar
Defense Acquisition University (DAU)

Defense Systems Acquisition Management brings together the industry program managers, assistant program managers, systems engineers, industry personnel serving on DoD Integrated Product Teams, and other personnel that must interface with DoD program offices involved in program development and execution.

The Defense Systems Acquisition Management seminar meets the needs of defense industry program managers in today's dynamic environment, providing the latest information including and related to Defense acquisition policy for weapons and information technology systems; Defense acquisition and reform and initiatives; Defense acquisition procedures and processes; the Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution process, and the Congressional budget process.

The result of successful completion of this seminar is a comprehensive understanding of the environment and driving forces affecting program managers which will significantly increase awareness and effectiveness in dealing with programmatic issues.

 Eggler Institute of Technology's On-Demand Courses
Eggler Institute of Technology

The Eggler Institute of Technology provides professional development courses in capability design, systems engineering, MBSE, leadership, and military technology. In partnership with NDIA's Business Institute, the following courses will be offered in an on-demand format: Online Fundamentals of Capability Systems Design, Online Capability System Design Workshop, Model Based Systems Engineering (Fundamentals) Workshop, Online Military Vehicle Technology & Mobility (Advanced), Online Introduction to Military Hybrid Electric Drive Vehicles, Online Certificate of Military Vehicle Technology (3 modules included), and Model Based Systems Engineering (Practitioners) Workshop.

Introduction to IP for Government Contracting Course
The University of Dayton School of Law

This course will introduce participants to data rights, IP to know and love, and data rights for IP acquisition negotiations with an industry-government focus. Those with existing familiarity will expand their knowledge and be provided with very useful "best practices."

Managing for Supply Chain Resilience Course
Carnegie Mellon University's Software Engineering Institute

The Managing for Supply Chain Resilience course explores the sources and types of supply chain risks and provides practical guidance on how to manage these in alignment with business strategy. The course includes an examination of prominent frameworks and standards (e.g., NIST Special Publication 171 and the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification) and the fundamental tools (e.g., Service Level Agreements, and Software Bill of Materials) required to effectively quantify and manage supply chain risk. No prior technical cybersecurity knowledge or experience is required.


Mastering Business Development Workshop
Mastering Business Development LLC

The Mastering Business Development workshop is an educational and professional development program that focuses on the thinking, process, and discipline required for professional business development. This workshop fosters participants' understanding of the core competencies needed for success in the business development role.


Modern Offset in the Global Defense Trade Seminar
Offset Education LLC

 This seminar provides the necessary foundation to understand offsets globally. It covers the jargon, practice, valuation, presentation, and approvals that make up the details of successful offset programs. In this seminar, you will learn about the following: the kinds of offset, the offset jargon, process and facts, how to address offset risks, how to limit risks through contracts, how to value offset projects, and offset negotiations through a dramatic accurate simulation.

Tier One Leadership Course
The Maher Group

Total leadership is taking ownership of decisions and outcomes while setting examples by integrating work, home, community, and self-improvement in the whole person concept. The powerful combination of authenticity (being real), integrity (being whole and undivided), and creativity (being innovative) is what sets Tier 1 leadership apart from management, and service above self apart from “climbing the corporate ladder”. This course is built on decades of experience in military special operations and corporate leadership. This is not an MBA class on leadership taught from text. This is ripped from real world experience learned from failure and success. The primary goal is to learn about what it takes to be an effective leader regardless of your role, and to make real progress in becoming one. Using a variety of methods and real-world cases and examples, class dialogues, and interaction with peers, this course will build a strong leadership foundation for individuals to act with authenticity.

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