Meeting and Events

Past Events

  • November 15, 2016
    Lockheed Martin Global Vision Center
    Agenda (PDF)

Ms. Nina Vajda, ICS Cybersecurity Expert (PDF)
Dr. Larry John, ANSER (PDF) (+ Narrative) (PDF)
Dr. Marilyn Gaska, Lockheed Martin Corporation (PDF)
Ms. Heather Moyer, Crossroads Consulting & Dr. Craig Rieger, Idaho National Laboratory (PDF)
Ms. Sarah Stern, Boeing & Ms. Stephanie Shankles, Support to DoD CIO Office (PDF)


Ms. Kristen Baldwin, DASD (SE) Acting (PDF)
Mr. Brian Hughes, JAPEC (PDF)
Mr. John Grim, Verizon (PDF)
2016 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (PDF)
Mr. Joe Spruill, Lockheed Martin (PDF)
Dr. Marilyn Gaska, Lockheed Martin (PDF)
Ms. Heather Moyer (PDF)
Ms. Stephanie Shankles, Booz Allen Hamilton (PDF)

Joint Working Group Overview, Ms. Catherine Ortiz (PDF)
CFAM Policy, Planning & Impacts Team Update, Ms. Sarah Stern (PDF)
CFAM Technology Solutions Team Update, Ms. Heather Moyer (PDF)
CFAM Manufacturing Environment Team Update and Manufacturing Boundaries, Dr. Marilyn Gaska (PDF)


Cybersecurity for Advanced Manufacturing