Division Meetings

December 2019 Meeting

Date: December 5, 2019
Time: 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Location: Lockheed Martin Global Vision Center

August 2019 Meeting

Date: August 8, 2019
Time: 7:45 AM–12:45 PM
Location: Lockheed Martin Global Vision Center

June 2019 Meeting

Date: Thursday, June 6
Time: 7:45 AM –1:10 PM
Location: Lockheed Martin Global Vision Center

Meeting Minutes


Opening Remarks and Agenda - Joe Elm, L3 Technologies (download)
Digital Engineering Implementation status - Phil Zimmerman, OUSD (R&E) SE Dep. Director, Eng'g Tools and Environments (download)
Aerospace Industries Association Overview - Gery Mras, AIA Director, Life Cycle Management (download)
INCOSE Initiatives, Projects, and Collaboration Opportunities - Garry Roedler, Lockheed Martin, President, INCOSE (download)
Critical Program Information (CPI) Guide Workshop Outbrief - Holly Dunlap, Raytheon (download)
Systems & Mission Engineering Conference 2019 and Systems Security Symposium - Bob Rassa, Raytheon (download)
SE Division Action Items: Joe Elm, L3 Technologies (download)

 Committee Reports 

Architecture (download
Automated Test (download
Development Test and Evaluation (no slides) 
Education & Training (no slides)
Environment, Safety, & Occupational Health (download
Enterprise Health Management (no slides)
Human Systems Integration (no slides)
Modeling & Simulation ( no slides) 
Software Committee (no slides)
Systems Engineering Effectiveness (no slides)
System Security Engineering (download)
System of Systems  (no slides)

April 2019 Meeting

Date: Wednesday, April 10
Time: 7:45 AM –12:45 PM.
Location: Lockheed Martin Global Vision Center

February 2019 Meeting

Date: Wednesday, February 6
Time: 7:45 AM –12:45 PM.
Location: Lockheed Martin Global Vision Center

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