The Missile Defense Industry (MDI) Group provides a bi-weekly exchange of information between government representatives, NDIA corporate members, paid MDI Group consultants, and others who can assist in maintaining a high level of awareness in the planning, budgeting, and execution of major U.S. missile defense programs. Active membership to the MDI Group is by annual subscription to offset consultant fees.

Topics: Missile Defense

NDIA Contact

For more information about this Division, please contact:

Carol Dwyer - Registration
Associate Director, Member Services
Phone: (703) 247-9471
E-mail: cdwyer@NDIA.org

Division Contact

Mr. Jeffery Morrow
Director, Strategic Missile & Defense Systems, Government Operations
The Boeing Company
Phone: 703-465-3235
E-mail: jeffery.a.morrow@boeing.com

Policy Contact

For policy-related or congressional inquiries, please contact:

Mr. Wesley Hallman
Senior Vice President for Policy
Phone: (703) 247-2595
E-mail: whallman@NDIA.org